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The gift of experiences, are, in my opinion- the best kinds. They’re my favorite gifts to give. They’re easy to wrap because no wrapping paper is needed and there’s no gift like it. See, when you give the gift of an experience, no memory can replace it and it’s not generically manufactured somewhere which somehow made it onto the store shelf that caught your attention. Everything about the gift of an experience is unique, from the sounds you hear, the smell in the air, the objects you encounter,  the people you’re surrounded by and perhaps in a split second, you’ll captured a memory that will forever live.

The reason why I own a limited number of possessions is due to the fact that I would rather spend my money on experiences and good  food. I’d rather keep my home clear of clutter and walk down to my downtown area and go out to dinner. I’d rather sit on the beach with friends after a day of surfing and then enjoying a hearty meal with great company. I’d rather go to the movies or go to a sporting event with family and friends. I’ve chosen to live my life by filling it with more experiences and with less stuff in the past 6 years. Although my “living with less” lifestyle became more refined with each passing year, this year, it has finally dwindled down to its most polished version.

I’ve used numerous websites to give gifts and to test out the gift of experiences method and they all seem to work quite smoothly. So  far I’ve used Groupon , Living Social as well as Ticketmaster. These are just the ones I’ve used and I’m sure there are many out on the internet that I’m not familiar with.

I really think the secret to this life is creating memories with one another. I don’t think humans were meant to be isolated or alone. We were always meant to talk and be stimulated my our experiences. We all laugh, love, care, express empathy and even cry. I encourage everyone to invest in giving the gift of experiences, you never know the value of the memories you’re going to create.

You can gift tickets to:

  • Sporting events ( football, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, baseball, etc.)
  • Theme parks (Great America, Raging Waters, Six Flags, Disneyland, etc.)
  • Outdoor experiences (pedle boating, wind sailing, kayaking, rowboats, canoes, skydiving, zip lining, rock climbing, trampoline time, golfing)
  • Gift card/money for food / drinks (breakfast, lunch, dinners, coffee / tea, desserts, wine bar, wine/beer tour)
  • Gift card/money for activities (cooking classes, yoga, spin class, kickboxing, zip lining)
  • Gift card/money for events (museums, concerts, festivals, fairs, movies)
  • Gift card/money to treat yourself (spa, massage, facial)

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4 thoughts on “Zero Waste Gift Options

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  2. I completely agree with you Nadine. It really does help us re-examine the concept of a gift and how we perceive the act of “giving”. That’s great that you made the gifts last Christmas, that’s always really sweet when a gift is that well thought out. That’s actually an amazing idea- to receive a gift basket full of grown veggies. That’s another level of a very sweet and caring kind of gift. I think I would do that too! I love that idea! Yeah, I’ve become much more comfortable with giving homemade dishes and treats or the gift of experiences. The gift of experiences is just one of those gifts that will forever stay in your memory because the looks, sounds, smells from the beginning until the end- will never be replicated, and it’s so special because of that.


  3. Love it. I think it inspires other people to rethink gift-giving too! Last Christmas I spent some time making my own gifts, like sugar scrub, lip balm, and ornaments. My family loved them and were so happy because of the thought that went into them. Experience and food gifts are my favourite too. A friend of mine gave me a big basket of her own grown veggies for my bridal shower, and it was my favourite! There is nothing better than experience and food gifts 🙂 And I think it makes people super happy. Moreso than a sweater or perfume could.

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