Design a better future, create the reality, live the dream.

My name is Yen-Van Tran and I’m an designer at an architect firm. I’m located in the Bay Area in California and I love living here.  I’m a minimalist, living a zero waste life and designing life hacks along the way. I design to save time, effort and energy.

I’m a student of design, whether it is in the realm of architecture or industrial innovation. I’m fascinated with the efficiency  of products and how people go about using them. Design has a responsibility to be efficient, easy to maintain and grow with society’s digital, industrial and agricultural production; while still protecting natural resources.

This is why I started my zero waste journey. I wanted to create a life that was simple, environmentally responsible and sustainable. I also surf and snowboard during the appropriate months, so my awareness of the natural environments that I seek out to enjoy, could inevitably be threatened by the decisions I make with the products I use day-to-day. 

One of my biggest fears is the extinction of natural habitats, animals and environmental resources. We only have one planet and our resources will only last so long.

Some facts about me:

  1. I have a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture and Design.
  2. I was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for years.
  3. I love to organize, but I don’t love to clean… weird right?
  4. I love the ocean and everything about it.